Customer Testimonials

Clean as a Whistle

"Your Whistle formula is amazing, Even though I still take Allegra, my voice is back for the first time in years, I can actually sing. Thank you.”

– Farouk, Toronto

Let's Make a Baby (Women)

"To my complete shock, just got a positive pregnancy test this weekend.”

– Colleen, NYC

Throat Spray

"I feel better with the herbs, less inflammation. The Throat Spray is good. So helpful, the spray helped with my allergy problem”

– Pat, NYC

Calm Down

"I feel SUPER relaxed, like very mellow..”

– Danny, Hudson NY

Blood Bank

"I have started sleeping well!! I had my first menstruation without intense pain, or actually any cramps!”

– Sara, Portugal

Headache Hero

"Headaches are much more manageable. I think Headache Hero is helping!”

– Dora, Washington DC

Wake the Dead

 “This Wake the Dead tonic is Amazing!! ...I want to buy more”

– Lily, NYC

Blood Bank

“I’m really liking the Blood Bank and raise (Wake) the Dead Supplements. Is it possible to order two more of each and have them delivered to me?”

– Maribeth, NYC

Kid's Calm & Sleepy Time

“Your amazing Peekay remedies save my family”

– Dahlia, NYC

Clean as a Whistle

“BTW Clean as a Whistle worked well!!!”

– Jennifer, NYC

Naked Hemp Oil

“Happy Friday. Not sure if I told you but I LOVE the oil. It is so strong 💪. Thanks so much”

– Thomas, Brooklyn

Yummy Tummy

“I had struggled with heartburn for years and was reluctant to stay on proton inhibitors for such long periods of time. Through diet, lifestyle and Yummy Tummy, I was able to minimize the heartburn and reverse some of the negative changes to my esophagus and digestion over a couple of months. It’s great to feel so much better!”

– Connie, Washington D.C. 

Kid's Seasonal Support

“My young son was stuck with ear infection after cold after fever for several years when he was little and would miss lots of school days and often get prescribed antibiotics by his pediatrician. After a few weeks of Kid’s Seasonal Support and probiotic support, he would only get mild colds (if any) that would resolve at home in a few days on their own and we saw a substantial decrease in days of school missed. We’re so grateful to have improved his (and our!) quality of life so much!” 

– Connie, Washington D.C.

Headache Hero

"Whenever I feel like I’m getting a headache. I mix Headache Hero with hot water and drink it. I find it very helpful. I highly recommend it.”

– Marie, NYC