Do herbs taste good or bad?
Herbs are natural products derived from the plant kingdom and have existed on our planet for eons. So while herbs generally don’t taste like candy, they do offer our palates a diverse, organic and profound taste experience.. spicy, sweet, bitter, pungent, aromatic, salty, sour etc are all mixed into the delightfully complex experience of ingesting medicinal herbs and herbal formulas. Some people are initially surprised by the strong flavors of their new herbal formula, but most people quickly learn to appreciate the wholesome tastes and aromas that become part of their daily herbal ritual.  

How do I take Peekay’s herbs?
Most people will mix their Peekay’s herbal tincture with some hot water.. kind of like making a cup of tea. You can add the herbs to a full cup of water, or to a smaller amount, like an ounce or two. For people who don’t like hot beverages, adding Peekay’s herbs to some cold water is fine also. And for those who like to cut to the chase and get it down fast? You can swallow your dose of Peekay’s herbs directly without mixing it into any water. However you decide to prepare your Peekay’s herbal tea, you can drink it down immediately in one sitting, or you can sip it over a prolonged period of time. If you’re taking more than one Peekay’s herbal formula, they can be mixed together into one single cup, or they can be taken at different times. 

Why so many ingredients?
There are wonderful herbal ingredients from all over the world and Peekay’s brings a small taste of all planet earth’s diverse botanical bounty straight to you. Traditionally, single herbs have been combined together into more complex formulas because similarly functioning herbal ingredients can piggy back on each other’s benefits and provide even more synergistic benefits. Delivering more benefits at lower doses is a good thing and is why the masterfully blended Peekay’s formulas are so darn good!
How about the dosage?
Herbs work when you take the right amount at the right time. This means that some of the dosages of Peekay’s formulas may be higher than what you’ve seen before. Instead of taking single drops, Peekay’s are taken by the teaspoon and tablespoon. So when you’re actively pursuing your herbal health goals, a bottle of Peekay’s can be used up relatively quickly, but the proof is in the pudding. It’s better to take herbs successfully at an appropriately robust dose rather than taking too little and not succeeding with our health goals. 
When will I see benefits from taking herbs?
This is one of the most common questions asked by people who are starting to take herbs for the first time. It’s also a difficult question to answer because there are so many unique variables in each person’s constitution and with their symptoms. In general, experienced herbalists recommend that people be patient with the process of taking herbs. Sometimes results come quickly, like during acute symptoms. And sometimes it takes more time to reap the benefits of natural herbal support. In general, most people will feel the actions of herbs working within a few days of taking them, but it can take several weeks to several months before they experience more profound changes.
Do I need to be sick to take herbs?
Some of the Peekay’s herbal formulas are designed to support us during times of acute and chronic stress or illness. But many of Peekay’s herbal offerings are also formulated like traditional tonics to help maintain good health and prevent symptoms from arising in the first place. Kind of like superfoods. As such, they can be taken daily or intermittently and for prolonged periods of time.
How long do these herbs last?
Peekay’s herbal formulas list a date of manufacture on each bottle and they are viable for up to 3 years after this date as long as they stored in a cool, dark, dry and temperate location.
How about quality control?
Peekay’s premium-grade herbs are carefully selected and procured by highly reputable suppliers whose skilled herbalists travel the world to source the best raw materials. They contract with bio-regional farm communities who have generations of experience in cultivating and harvesting their indigenous crops, using the most natural and traditional methods. This is done without the use of pesticides, fungicides, sulfites, or fumigation. Organic and ethically harvested herbs are always chosen whenever possible. These fresh, raw herbs are carefully dried and inspected, then shipped promptly to our domestic manufacturers in the US.

Supporting Eco-friendly agriculture and Fair-trade practices preserves the local environments, the farmers, and their ancient traditions of herb cultivation and processing. The herbs are then further inspected and examined by experienced herbalists and lab technicians, who carefully prepare and process them according to the highest standards of protocol supported by traditional and modern practices.

Peekay’s premium extracts are manufactured under strict quality controls, using proprietary, multi-phased, dual extraction systems. Our liquid herbal products are water-based, full-spectrum, extracts. Water and/or alcohol is used as appropriate to maximize the amounts and types of compounds extracted, always in accordance with traditional principles. The end product is a potent, rich tea concentrate, alive with fragrant aromatics and volatile oils.