Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine, like Acupuncture, has a foundation based on ancient texts of over 2000 years. In the meantime it has undergone profound refinement and testing, making it one of the most highly developed botanical medicines in the world today, easily eclipsing the modern pharmaceuticals world in breadth and depth.

The intrinsic beauty of Chinese Herbal medicine is that it allows for the formulation of absolutely customized prescriptions for each and every patient. These formulas can be upgraded and modified at every visit or even more frequently if needed. This means that a patient is taking the most appropriate herbs for their condition at any given time. Furthermore, with this same flexibility, any and all side effects or undesirable actions can be minimized or eliminated.

For these reasons Chinese Herbal medicine is uniquely suited to supporting, harmonizing and even replacing some of the harsh treatments available in the Western medical community. 

We are proud to use the herbal dispensary services of Kamwo Tea and Herb Company located at 211 Grand street, in New York city's own China town. Kamwo staff work tirelessy with FDA regulators to ensure that our patients are receiving herbal products from China that have been tested and cleared for toxins and environmental contaminants such as lead, mercury and pesticide residues.

For more information about Kamwo Tea and Herb Company safety and quality guidelines, please visit ... Kamwo Herbal Safety


Taking Herbs

Herbs can be taken in a variety of ways, and each method highlights a different aspect of the true power and versatility of herbal medicine.

Decoctions:  Custom herbal formulas may be cooked into teas which have strong tastes but powerful healing actions. This is the most effective way to consume herbs.

Granules:  These are concentrated extracts of raw herbs in powder form. They are almost as effective as decoctions, still allow the formulas to be absolutely customized, and are much faster and more convenient than brewing a decoction.

Pills:  Herbal pills are most suited for long term use to build strength and resistance against recurrent conditions. Unlike vitamins, Chinese herbal tea-pills come in extra small sizes. They are based on the most popular basic formulas for a variety of conditions. Herbal pills are not as powerful as the other ways of taking herbs, but they are cheaper, convenient and portable.