Herbal options known for their anti-viral properties and immune support can be helpful during the seasons of elevated viral concerns.

Always consult with your primary care medical doctor to correctly assess and diagnose your symptoms and if in doubt, Peekay says to consult with your doctor or licensed health care provider prior to taking any herbal or vitamin supplements..

To support immune functions and disease resistance, Peekay recommends daily use of:


Peekay’s Seasonal Support
and/or:  Peekay’s 11 Mushrooms
and/or:  Peekay’s Wake the Dead
and/or:  Peekay’s Elderberry & Flower
and/or:  Peekay’s Ginger

For children over one year old
Peekay’s Kid's Seasonal Support
and/or:  Peekay’s Elderberry & Flower 

For pregnant women
Peekay’s Elderberry & Flower
and/or:  Peekay’s Ginger